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Cassiar Day 2 and the tree camp

view from the campsite, Bob Quin Lake

New day, still in Hyder. Stayed up a little late last night and was tired so decided I’d stick around the area today and not do much, if any, driving. Packed up camp and headed toward town to make some breakfast and ended up running into the group from last night. They had been in the area (planting trees remember) just in tents for the last 3 months so were taking advantage of having a washing machine near by.

I mentioned I was staying in the area and they invited me to come by their camp, not to mention they supposedly had amazing cooks, so of course I said yes. I was going to meet them later that evening at their camp but when I was crossing the border, back into BC, I noticed one of their trucks was still there… uh oh, that can’t be good. I got through no problem and saw a few of them walking back towards the main part of Stewart. They thought there was a warrant for one of the guys but turned out to be a huge misunderstanding and wasn’t for him at all. Had to have been scary for Steve! He met up with all of us in town a few hours later and we of course all made fun of him and laughed about it 🙂

Since they were heading back to camp I just decided to follow them in and avoid any direction confusion. It was in the direction I was going anyway so I didn’t have to worry about backtracking at all which was a huge plus as well.

2 hours later we arrived to their camp at Bob Quin Lake and Wow it was a sweet camp spot and they had a pretty nice setup with all their tents and equipment. All together there was about 30 of them but most had stayed back at camp and didn’t come to Stewart/Hyder.

Today was a very much needed easy relaxing day. Just sat around eating, swimming in the lake, sat around some more, ate some more, and went to sleep. Good end to the day and I plan on doing a lot of driving the next few days. I’d like to get up to Tok, AK which is roughly a 22-24 hour drive. Ready for a good sleep and hit the road again.

p.s. If any of the tree planter group ever see this…thank you and I appreciate everything you all offered, and thank the cooks for some awesome food!

Part of the tree planter group, L to R (david, me, james, anna, jeff, tommy, googs{nickname?}, steve)

July 23, 2012 - 12:25 AM

Susan Karamesines Casal - What a nice time! So cool you found interesting and fun new friends. Glad you finally got rested up too. 🙂

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