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Follow me in my journey to Alaska!


Well, to finish off this category of actually Getting to Alaska I figured I’d add a little bit of info for my arrival to Alaska and Fairbanks. I arrived in Fairbanks on Tuesday July 24th, 2012 which puts my total time at 11 days. Originally I thought 10-11 days would be a good amount. In […]

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Mountain Bike park in Whitehorse, YK

After yesterdays 13 hour drive, and some things I needed to take care of, I decided to stay in Whitehorse today instead of continuing on and do more driving tomorrow. Whitehorse seemed like a pretty neat town and much larger, still small, than all the other towns I’ve been through so far. There were some […]

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Cassiar Day 2 and the tree camp

New day, still in Hyder. Stayed up a little late last night and was tired so decided I’d stick around the area today and not do much, if any, driving. Packed up camp and headed toward town to make some breakfast and ended up running into the group from last night. They had been in […]

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The Cassiar and “border hopping”

I was excited about today’s planned-drive because I’d finally reach the Cassiar Highway. I had been reading a lot about this area and it sounded like it had a lot of beautiful areas and it also had a side access road to Stewart, BC/Hyder, AK which I wanted to spend a few days in. The […]

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Smithers, BC

Today the goal was to get to Smithers, BC. No particular reason, just happened to be a good stopping point distance-wise. Fortunately it ended up being a pretty neat little town and where I setup tent was incredible and had an amazing view of Kathlyn Glacier. There was also a very short approach (maybe 1km) […]

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