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Follow me in my journey to Alaska!

Glass is good

In preparation for my upcoming drive to AK I need to have all my photog and vid bases covered. One thing I didn’t have was a really good telephoto lens though, and all the nice ones “start” at about $2000 and easily up to $13000…yeah, just for a single piece of glass (lens)!! I obviously […]

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Today started off with the big interview at 9:00AM. It lasted 4 hours long with 3 different people. When it was done I couldn’t believe it was 4 hours, it didn’t feel like 4 hours and I feel like it went really well. Definitely a good group of guys and I know I would be […]

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I’m in Alaska!

I’m officially in Alaska for my first time ever. I flew from PDX to Anchorage, then from Anchorage onto Fairbanks. I arrived in Fairbanks around 1:00AM and it was so crazy to see the sun still shining bright! I felt like it was noon. I really don’t have much planned until my flight leaves on […]

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Job Interview

I had an interesting phone interview this morning for Siemens Corporation for an Engineering project manager position. This would be located in Fairbanks, which could potentially be perfect. Before this, I was thinking I would go to UAF and finish up school. But if I can land a decent job first then it would allow […]

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The Decision

All my life I’ve had this passion about going to Alaska. I am just about to graduate with my AAS in Electrical Engineering and feel if I’m going to go, then now is the time. The original plan was to stay here in Oregon and finish up my bachelors degree at OIT until I learned […]

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