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Cabin and view

Cabin sneak peak

Today started off with the big interview at 9:00AM. It lasted 4 hours long with 3 different people. When it was done I couldn’t believe it was 4 hours, it didn’t feel like 4 hours and I feel like it went really well. Definitely a good group of guys and I know I would be a good asset to their team and it’s exactly the job I’m looking for and great for continuing my knowledge on various subjects. As I mentioned, the interview went well but nothing is official yet but my fingers are crossed as this is the opportunity I’ve been looking for.

After the interview I looked at a few housing options. Mainly Dry cabins. Dry cabins may not put most at ease but to me it is exciting. A dry cabin has a lot of the normal utilities, but there is absolutely NO running water. Hence the word “dry”. There is still electricity, heat, and most importantly the INTERNET! So, no running water eh? That means, no dishwasher or clothing washer, NO showers?? Yup, that’s right. If I’m going to go to Alaska, especially the Interior, I’m going to GO to Alaska and do it right and get the full experience!

Dry cabins are actually pretty common in the Interior due to permafrost which makes it difficult and expensive to route plumbing etc throughout. Luckily since it is so common, there are a lot of options for showering etc (local facilities, gym’s open 24/7, on campus…) so I’m not worried about it at all. I actually can’t wait.

Oh, and the dry cabins are Cheap too, and range from $400-700/month! The one pictured above is just being finished getting built and I was able to meet the builder/owner and go check one out! They are very secluded as you can see from the top photo, perfect! I’d love to see this view in the winter with everything covered in snow! Epic!

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