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Mountain Bike park in Whitehorse, YK

working on my drop-offs, this one was only 3′ or so

After yesterdays 13 hour drive, and some things I needed to take care of, I decided to stay in Whitehorse today instead of continuing on and do more driving tomorrow.

Whitehorse seemed like a pretty neat town and much larger, still small, than all the other towns I’ve been through so far. There were some great small hikes in the area and supposedly a mountain bike park. I checked out the hike first up Grey Mountain and it had some great views of the city. Towards the summit there were some downhill mountain bike trails that I REALLY wanted to check out. However, I had no idea where they went or how easy/hard they were so decided to sadly pass that option up.

I found out they had a mountain bike park about a 15 minutes drive from where I currently was so went to go look at it. I had never been in an actual bike park before; they had jumps, tabletops, teeter totters, planks and logs everywhere, some drop offs ranging from 1-7′ and a pump course. Most of which I had never done before, especially the larger scale stuff.

I started off small and worked my way up. I was the ONLY one there which was cool but also somewhat forced me to not push it as hard. With that being said, I still learned a lot and had a great time.

The rest of the day I’ll just hang out, maybe find another small hike or some bouldering and get ready to drive again tomorrow.

the largest teeter totter I tried that day, SO much fun!

August 2, 2012 - 5:12 AM

Jaime Casal - Hopefully lots more will be next. and definitely balance is needed, you feel like you are just going to tip over haha.

July 30, 2012 - 2:10 AM

Otto A Casal - This is cool Jaime, What’s next… This probably requires a lot of balance; looks like lots of fun.

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