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Smithers, BC

View from my tent in Smithers, BC (Kathlyn Glacier)

Today the goal was to get to Smithers, BC. No particular reason, just happened to be a good stopping point distance-wise. Fortunately it ended up being a pretty neat little town and where I setup tent was incredible and had an amazing view of Kathlyn Glacier. There was also a very short approach (maybe 1km) to the bottom of the glacier to see Twin Falls, but when I got there I barely had time to setup my camera before I was literally getting eaten alive by mosquitos. It was bad! So I just took one last glance and headed back down.

The road to/from the glacier is pretty narrow with really soft shoulders. When I was heading down 3 local police officers were heading up and the first one got stuck on the soft shoulders (slid off). I stopped and asked the 3rd car if they needed help and when he rolled down his window he was laughing hysterically lol. Good times.

Nothing too exciting the rest of the evening. it was a good day to relax and try to catch up a little from the last 3 days which were really busy.


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